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Death From AnĂsthetics Etc

Impotence And Sterility

Foeticide Or Criminal Abortion

Medical Evidence


Antipyrine Antifebrin Phenacetin And Aniline

Death By Drowning

Unnatural Offences

Signs Of Death

Detection Of Poisons


The liniment, oil, and spirit have been poisonous in large dose.

Symptoms.--Odour of breath, languor, giddiness, faintness, dimness of
vision, difficulty of breathing, delirium, convulsions, with hot skin,
flushed face, and dilated pupils.

Fatal Dose.--Thirty grains.

=Cocculus Indicus.=--The fruit of Anamirta cocculus. Contains a
poisonous active principle, picrotoxin; used to adulterate beer, and by
poachers to stupefy fish.

Symptoms.--Convulsions, followed by stupor and complete loss of
voluntary power.

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