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Sulphonal Trional Tetronal Veronal Paraldehyde

These are dangerous drugs. The ordinary symptoms of the group are

noises in the ears, headache, vertigo, inability to stand or to walk

properly, insensibility, and cyanosis.

The most interesting point is the condition of the urine. In cases of

poisoning it is dark or reddish-brown in colour, due to the presence of

hæmatoporphyrin. It contains albumin and casts, but no red corpuscles.

In cases of hæmatoporphyrinuria the prognosis is bad, and it is said

that these cases invariably end fatally.

Treatment.--In an ordinary case emetics, strong coffee, hypodermic

injections of strychnine, saline injections, and transfusion.

Cases of chronic poisoning from the 'als' are not uncommon, and are

increasing in frequency. Hypnogen is apparently identical with veronal.

All the above-named aniline derivatives are included in Part I. of the

scheduled poisons.