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Assault Murder Manslaughter Etc

=Assault.=--This is an attempt or offer to do violence to another

person; it is not necessary that actual injury has been done, but evil

intention must be proved. When a corporal hurt has been sustained, then

assault and battery has been committed. The assault may be aggravated

by the use of weapons, etc.

=Homicide= may be justifiable, as in the case of judicial execution,

or excusable, as in defence of one's family or property.

Felonious homicide is murder. This means that a human being has been

killed by another maliciously and deliberately or with reckless

disregard of consequences.

=Manslaughter= or =Culpable Homicide= (Scotland) is the unlawful killing

of a human being without malice--as homicide after great provocation;

signalman who allows a train to pass, and so collide with another in