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Barium Salts

=Chloride of Barium= occurs crystallized in irregular plates, like

magnesium sulphate, soluble in water and bitter in taste. =Carbonate of

Barium= is found in shops as a fine powder, tasteless and colourless,

insoluble in water, but effervescing with dilute acids, and readily

decomposed by the free acids of the stomach. =Nitrate of Barium= occurs

in octahedral crystals, soluble in water.

Method of Extract
on from the Stomach.--Dialysis as for other soluble


Tests.--Precipitated from its solutions by potassium carbonate or

sulphuric acid. Burnt on platinum-foil, it gives a green colour to the


Symptoms.--Besides those of irritants generally, violent cramps and

convulsions, headache, debility, dimness of sight, double vision, noises

in the ears, and beating at the heart. The salts of barium are also

cardiac poisons.

Post-Mortem Appearances.--As of irritants generally. Stomach may be


Treatment.--Wash out stomach with a solution of sodium or magnesium

sulphate, or of alum, and give stimulants by the mouth and