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Cause Of Death In The Foetus

The death of the foetus may be due to--(1) Immaturity or intra-uterine

malnutrition, or simply from deficient vitality; (2) complications

occurring during or immediately after birth, which may either be

unavoidable or inherent in the process of parturition, or may be induced

with criminal intent.

In the latter category come such accidents as the pressure of tumours in

the pelvic passages, or disease of th
bones in the mother, or pressure

on the cord from malposition of the child during labour, asphyxiation

from the funis being twisted tightly round the neck or limbs, or from

injuries due to falls on the floor in sudden labours. Where the death of

the foetus has been induced with criminal intent, it may be due to

punctured wounds of the fontanelles, orbits, heart, or spinal marrow;

dislocation of the neck; separation of the head from the body; fracture

of the bones of the head and face; strangulation; suffocation; drowning

in the closet pan or privy, or from being thrown into water.

Under the head of infanticide by commission, we have injuries of all

kinds; under infanticide by omission, neglecting to tie the cord,

allowing it to be suffocated by discharges in the bed, neglect to

provide food, clothes, and warmth, for the new-born child.