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=Cocaine.=--Any dose above 1/2 grain applied to a mucous membrane or

injected hypodermically may give rise to alarming symptoms. These are

intense pallor, faintness, giddiness, dilatation of pupils, paroxysmal

dyspnoea, rapid, intermittent, and weak pulse, nausea and vomiting,

intense prostration verging on collapse, and convulsions. The patient

may recover if allowed to remain in a recumbent position, but stimulants

by mouth--e.g., ammonia--and the hypodermic injection of brandy or

ether may be necessary, with the inhalation of nitrite of amyl.

For care in the prescribing of cocaine see under the 'Dangerous Drugs

Act, 1920' (p. 82).

The =Cocaine Habit= consists in the self-administration of the drug

hypodermically. It induces excitement, which is followed by prostration.

In time melancholia or mania develops, with great irritation of the skin

('cocaine bugs').