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Death From Cold Or Heat

=Cold.=--The weak, aged, or infants, readily succumb to low

temperatures. The symptoms are increasing lassitude, drowsiness, coma,

with sometimes illusions of sight. Post mortem, bright red patches are

found on the skin surface, and the blood remains fluid for long.

=Heat.=--Death may result from syncope, the result of exposure to great


=Sunstroke.=--The person loses consciousness and falls down insensible;

the body temperature may be 112° F., the pulse is full, and a peculiar

pungent odour is given off from the skin. Coma, convulsions with

(rarely) delirium, may precede death. Treatment consists in lowering

the body temperature by application of cold cloths, stimulants,

strychnine or digitalin hypodermically.