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Definition Of A Poison

Though the law does not define in definite terms what a poison really

is, it lays stress on the malicious intention in giving a drug or

other substance to an individual. It is a felony to administer, or

cause to be administered, any poison or other destructive thing with

intent to murder, or with the intention of stupefying or overpowering an

individual so that any indictable offence may be committed. It is a

misdemeanour to administer any poison, or destructive or noxious

thing, merely to aggrieve, injure, or annoy an individual. For a working

definition we may state that a poison is a substance which, when

introduced into or applied to the body, is capable of injuring health or

destroying life. A poison may therefore be swallowed, applied to the

skin, injected into the tissues, or introduced into any orifice of the